Close your eyes and ask your question of the Oracle. 

Email us at or call us at (424) 364-0168 to request your virtual reading; whether you tell us the question or not is up to you. Then submit your payment by clicking on the $5/$10 button below. Your channeled messages will be emailed to you within 2 hours. Limited clarification is included at no additional cost. 


emailed to you
How you see yourself, wants, hopes or fears,  support, opposition, outcome



emailed to you

What covers & crosses you, what supports & previously influenced you, what you are currently facing, influential friends & family, home & career, hopes & fears, 6 month outcome


Live readings & consultations through phone or video chat!


Step 1. Book a day & time through our Facebook page by clicking the BOOK NOW button (you must include your full name, the phone number that you want us to call at the time of your reading, or the email you want the Zoom room link to be sent to and any special requests)  


Step 2. Make your payment by clicking the $15/$30/$60 button under the length of time you scheduled during Step 1. Payments are processed through our secure Square payment platform

If you do not use Facebook or prefer an alternate options, or if you have any questions feel welcome to  give us a call at (424) 364-0168. 

You can also contact us through email at



Meet one-on-one with a psychic online; best for direct questions and life situations, or discussing your own personal psychic & witchcraft development. 



15 Minutes



30 Minutes



Up to 60 minutes


We Witches Gather


Join us for our Monday night Magickal Moon parties, where we practice our magick together in real-time online!

Each party has a different focus, in perfect alignment with the four main Moon cycles: Full, Waning, New & Waxing. 

It only costs $5 (yes, $5!) for each party & you'll get face-to-face instruction, practice & consultations but most of all - you'll have enjoyably energizing experiences. We provide you with a list of affordable recommended materials and the Zoom room link prior to each party.

Guests can join the fun by video or phone...comment chatting is available but hopefully you'll be using your hands!

It's simple, fun fuels magick. Our Magickal Moon Parties offer great ways to learn the basics of witchcraft & gain a meaningful connection. This is not a coven: create your own space at your own pace!


How to get in on this fun:

1) email us at with your name, best number to contact you at & what date(s) you want to attend or give us a call at (424) 364-0168

2) submit your payment via the I wanna make magick! button below

(payments are securely processed through Square) 


As soon as we receive your payment, we'll send you the Zoom room link and list of recommended materials for you to obtain prior to the party. 


Ready? Let's do this!

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